70% to 75% of the human body is consisted of water, thus being an essential component for the proper functioning of the body. Depending on circumstances such as the age, sex, weather conditions, physical activity, among others, experts recommend an average daily drinking of water which may vary between 1.5L and 3L. Spring water, without any additives or chemicals, is among the healthiest ways to ensure the necessary hydration of the body.

Martinho’s water is clear, odourless, colourless and with a pleasant mild flavour.

Agua_33_cl4725Água S.Martinho 0,33cl

Agua_05l_4712Água S.Martinho 0,50L

Agua_15l_4713Água S.Martinho 1,50L

Agua_5l_4718Água S.Martinho 5L

Agua_6l_4716Água S.Martinho 6L


Spring water


São Martinho is a hyposaline water, with acid reaction and low concentrations of alkaline earth ions. In the ionic group, the abundancy of chloride and sodium stands out. Sodium plays a major role in the transmission of nervous flows.


pH at 23°C – 6,28

Dry residue at 180°C – 68 mg/L

Total mineralization – 78 mg/L

Bicarbonate (HCO3) – 22.9 mg/L

Chloride (Cl) – 7.8 mg/L

Calcium (Ca2+) – 5,7mg/L

Sodium (Na+) – 9.4 mg/L

Silica (SiO2) – 16 mg/L

Packaging: 6L; 5L; 1.5L; 0.5L; 0.33 L

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